What we learned at the Retail Design Expo

This is what we learned this week when we attended the Retail Design Expo at Olympia in London...


1 – Technology in retail is huge. There were many exhibitors showing examples of advanced technology applied in a retail setting. Everything from sophisticated people tracking to IoT with connected stores, fitting rooms and collections. We saw some impressive augmented reality visualisation from Impact.

2 – Screens are evolving. Hallelujah! Are we about to see the end of the ugly black plastic rectangular screens in retail? Much cooler if the images can be projected onto glass or on rotating LED wire holographic screens. Cooler still if you can tell your brand story through projection onto the product itself like Smart Pixels’ concept for NIKEiD.

3 – Wake up and smell the future. The final frontier of the senses in retail is smell and some of the more progressive retailers are right onto it. Cue Ecocent who can help to curate the very essence of a store by infusing the air with either their range of evocative scents or for the more adventurous, a custom scent just for you and then piped in through the aircon.

4 – Britannia – still cool. Yep, we’ve still got it going on in the UK! It was refreshing to see so much innovation and manufacturing coming out of the UK. It is a fallacy to think that we import everything from China or that British making is dead. Nothing could be further from the truth judging by what we saw yesterday. From design, manufacturing and developments in fashtech the UK was exceptionally well represented


What we learned at the Retail Design Expo - 18 Degrees - Architectural Lighting Design London