Aspinal Flagship Store

Regent Street flagship store of luxury retailer Aspinals of London. Lighting design by 18 Degrees

Aspinal of London is an English luxury lifestyle brand offering high-quality, elegant and timeless English luxury leather goods. With a number of celebrity fans and ambassadors, Aspinal’s handbags, purses, wallets and other leather goods are highly-sought after. Designed by creative director Mariya Dykalo, each item is handmade by specialist craftsmen and women.


The brand recently opened a new 3,475 sq ft flagshop store at St James’s Market, off Regents Street. The store has been designed to be the Home of Aspinal of London, offering Aspinal customers with a memorable and engaging experience. Combining the warmth of an English Country home, with the sophistication of a London townhouse, the store beautifully reflects the elegance and artistry of the brand.


Interior Designer Caulder Moore chose to collaborate with 18 Degrees to design the lighting for the store. To underpin the emphasis placed on the customer experience, 18 Degrees needed to develop a scheme which would bring the whole store to life, and showcase the presentation and rendition of each of the products.


Christopher Knowlton, Director and Designer at 18 Degrees explains: “Lighting is incredibly important in retail generally, and never more so than in luxury. At Aspinal, the love and care that goes into creating their beautiful products can be lost if they are not illuminated with commensurate exactitude.”


Features of the interior design include a sweeping wooden carved staircase, and the full height ceiling of the foyer, the area which is complete with traditional décor such as panelling and a fireplace.


Christopher continues: “Our design work at the new flagship Aspinal store was a multi-dimensional challenge. The store as a whole needs to feel warm and inviting, demonstrating to guests that this is not just any shop, it is a destination, and to do this we need to showcase the beautiful interior and the detailing.


“Yet the lighting has to do so much more than that. At a micro-scale, the colours and textures are to be rendered as beautifully as the hand-crafted products themselves. We needed to find a way to illuminate the entire space, while drawing guests’ attention to the intricate elements of the Aspinal products.”


Aspinal of London’s flagship store is the brand’s largest store to date and sits alongside luxury names such as Paul and Shark, and Jigsaw, which are also located at St James’s Market.


Key facts

Client: Aspinal of London

Sector: Luxury Fashion

Location: Regent Street, London

GFA: 12,000 sqft

Collaborators: Caulder Moore

Status: Complete 2017

Aspinals of London, Architectural Lighting Design | 18 Degrees