Many Hands

In 2012 Christopher came to Australia to do a residency in the Melbourne Studio which was at the time run by Paul Beale.  At the time we were invited by the international lighting design magazine Mondo Arc to create a full page image that describes our practice’s philosophy.

This was a catalyst for much introspection and debate amongst our team.  We spent time exploring those values that were of central importance to us and we distilled our thoughts thus; at heart we are a collective, we work collaboratively, we are all different but we are united in our passion and love of light.

We just had to find a way of communicating this – through light, of course!

Melbourne is famous for its graffiti and laneways so felt this could be the perfect backdrop to an installation.  We knew a neon artist and called in a favour.  Another favour came from the wonderful photographer Matt Irwin. We added a generator and a ute and were set.

The beautiful Rachel Burke who was collaborating with us at the time summed up the installation like this: “Collaboration drives our practice, narrative informs our process and dedication delivers our work. Our community is the reason why.

It is simply many heads, many hearts, many hands…”

Many Hands - 18 Degrees - Architectural Lighting Design London