Umbra & Penumbra

Darkness is the absence of light. That was the conceptual premise for Umbra and Penumbra – a two-part bespoke lighting installation created by 18 Degrees with Lumino for the Darc Awards in London.


Light is not just an optical perception; it’s a psychological influence on the human experience. We live in an environment that is ever-changing; every day we experience natural light and artificial light within the context of darkness.

Umbra and Penumbra represent opposing views from the same location above London at an elevation of 18km.

Umbra is a work that celebrates the natural light of a thousand twinkling stars in the dark infinity of space.  The constellations that were visible from the awards venue – on the awards night – are represented. The work explores how the oldest light in the universe is visible only against the darkness and infinity of space.

Penumbra is a work which reflects a more personal relationship with light.  The edges of our city, populous and animated; a work of art meticulously created by the human hand. In the absence of natural light we create our own tapestry of light as rich as the skies above.


Key Facts:

Client: Mondo Arc

Sector: Art

Location: London


Collaborators: Lumino

Status: `Completed 2015

Umbra & Penumbra - 18 Degrees - Architectural Lighting Design London