Christopher Knowlton


Award winning lighting designer Christopher Knowlton is co-founder of London based independent lighting design studio, 18 Degrees.

Christopher’s passion for lighting and the belief that lighting can really enhance people’s lives has driven his lighting career from a very early age and propelled it to where it is today. His fascination with light started in theatre and is now practiced daily within the built environment where Christopher manipulates light to augment environments inside and out. His work spans theatre, events, fine art and architecture.

Christopher plays an active role in the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), representing the UK, as the Regional Coordinator and was in 2018 elected to the board of directors. He is also a judge for the Knight of Illumination awards, which recognise the work of lighting designers in the events sector.

A passionate advocate for lighting in all forms, and with a creative flair that enthuses his audiences, Christopher regularly speaks at events throughout the world sharing his knowledge and expertise with professionals and students alike including those through the IALD Education Trust Ambassador programme.

Christopher is a popular, well liked and much respected designer who is centric to the active London lighting design scene and beyond

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Paul Beale

BEng (Hons), IALD, MSLL 

Paul Beale believes that great lighting changes lives for the better and has build a practice with the purpose of bringing excellence in lighting design to projects of all kinds all around the world.

He has the privilege of collaborating with some of the best people in our industry on a daily basis in leading our company. As an experienced and passionate architectural lighting designer who thrives on design, he enjoys nothing more than collaborating with our clients to help create inspiring lighting for buildings and places.

Paul has served on the board of directors of the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and currently serves on the IALD Europe steering committee and advises the European Commission on lighting related issues. He also regularly writes articles for industry publications, speaks at design conferences and participates in panel discussions.