A lighting design studio based in London

Based at our Studio on The Gantry at Here East we are a team of lighting designers from a range of backgrounds including design, art, architecture and engineering.

We are wed in our belief that great lighting can make a positive contribution to the human experience of the built environment.  We are continually fascinated by light and its power to transform spaces and experiences. 

What we do

Playing, thinking, making, lighting.

We design lighting that make spaces work well and look fabulous.  We work closely with our clients creating designs that are for people.  Beautifully lit interior and exterior spaces that are a pleasure to spend time in are the result.

We love what we do and collaboration is at the centre of our work.  We are all about making a difference through light.

We have a long list of collaborators and clients from the top echelons of design and business who understand the importance of light and its transformational effect on spaces.